Our Story

OneCup came to life over a family campout in rural Canada. Our ranching family openly discussed the challenges of running a ranch. Growing a ranch business has become increasingly difficult.


We quickly realized that Artificial Intelligence, not the other AI 😀, could enable precision ranching - at scale.

OneCup AI was born.

Business Overview

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The Team

Meet The Team

Mokah Shmigelsky
Mokah Shmigelsky

Mokah has a strong family background in ranching and farming. Having grown up in Alberta, she has seen first hand the challenges faced by the agricultural industry. 

Her vision to automate many of the manual decision-making processes a rancher faces every day is the driving force behind OneCup AI.

Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Geoffrey has a distinguished career leveraging cutting edge technologies with several startup exits. Accolades include Entrepreneur of the Year and Associate Founder, Singularity University.   

He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from GeorgiaTech, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Keith & Connie Day
 Ranch Partners

Keith and Connie have been mixed farming since 1980 while raising 3 sons, and in 2010 received the Century Family Farm Award. 

Reza Banitaba
 Web Development

As a keen Application Developer, Reza is building our customer portal and hopes that his solutions will benefit communities nationally and globally.

Eric Chan
Computer Vision Engineer

With a background in computer science and machine learning. Eric provides machine learning solution to extract information of animals.

Urvi Chauhan
Data Scientist

With a background in Computer Science and Big Data, Urvi works on the tech team at OneCup as a Data Scientist.

Philip Cho
Computer Vision Engineer

As a Computer Vision Engineer at OneCup AI, Philip specializes in the development of computer vision algorithms.

Tony Li
Marketing Management

Tony has a background in marketing and sales design. He manages OneCup's CRM pipeline, social media postings, and other online campaigns.

Madison Lovett
Edge Developer

As an edge computer hardware specialist with a background in GPU's, Madison provides end-to-end solutions for edge production.

Nicholas Pippo
Hardware Solution Specialist

Nicholas has a background in IT Support and Computer Science.
He is our hardware solutions specialist at OneCup.

Lacie Turner
Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer specializing in predictive analytics, Lacie is building our IoT edge-to-cloud computer vision pipeline.

Gavin Xu
Computer Vision Engineer

Gavin is a master student in SFU's visual computing program. He manages with our IoT devices and optimizes in field deployment.

Tamik Zamaev
Web Development

Tamik is a keen Web developer building out our customer portal. He hopes his contributions will benefit the livestock industry nationally and globally.

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