BETSY is our brand new AI livestock facial recognition technology capable of identifying, tracking, and monitoring cattle with close to 100% accuracy.

What can BETSY do?


BETSY can visually identify and keep record of each cattle in your herd

Health Monitoring

BETSY can identify symptoms sickness like coughing and notify the use 


BETSY can monitor calving and alert the user when attention is needed

Heat Detection

BETSY can identify signs of estrus and alert when a cow is in standing heat

Auto Shipping Manifest Generation

BETSY can read drop tags and automatically generate answers to fields in the shipping manifests

Why sign up?

Our Early Adopter Program gives you a chance to try out technology as we develop it before our commercial launch. You will be the first to get access to features as they are released. By joining us in the journey you become a collaborator, receive discounted pricing, and your voice will help shape the future of precious ranching.

Unlocking the Potential of Livestock Monitoring Systems

Introducing BETSY, Your AI Ranch Hand!

Early Adopter Program Overview

No Tech? No Problem!

We will provide everything you need to get started.

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BETSY ID's and monitors your animals, onsite, using an Internet-of-Things model.

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We will upgrade your Wifi to  allow BETSY to transmit and process the data it captures.

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BETSY tracks your animals using cameras strategically placed across your ranch.

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BETSY gives you access to data to monitor health, predict calving, detect heat and more!


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