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OneCup AI

Our mission is to help ranchers manage their herd over a
Cup of Coffee.

The idea for OneCup originated over a fire-pit camp-out with our ranching family.

We realized that computer vision could be helpful - by being the Eyes of the Rancher while the Rancher is away.

BETSY was born. For the last 3 years we have worked to make BETSY help you on farm.


Meet The Team

Mokah Shmigelsky
CEO, Board Chair

Mokah has a strong family background in ranching and farming. Having grown up in Alberta, she has seen first hand the challenges faced by the agricultural industry. 

Her vision to automate many of the manual decision-making processes a rancher faces every day is the driving force behind OneCup AI.

Geoffrey Shmigelsky
 CTO, Director

Geoffrey has a distinguished career leveraging cutting edge technologies with several startup exits. Accolades include Entrepreneur of the Year and Associate Founder, Singularity University.   

He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from GeorgiaTech, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Keith and Connie.jpg
Keith and
Connie Day

 Ranching Family

Keith and Connie have been in mixed of mixed farming for over 30 years. Their family manages 1,000 Black Angus cattle.

Keith has been on the SCA and the Saskatchewan Growers Association.

Connie served as the postmistress for many years and has served on many community committees.

Founders & Directors

Meet The Team

Demetra Georganas,

In 2001, Demetra started HBI Canada from the ground up, growing the company to 30 Employees, $20 million in annual sales, and servicing all of Canada from small to large corporate clients, including Loblaws and Costco.

Demetra began her career at CIBC as a Bank Teller in 1989, gaining her certification as a Financial Planner before being recruited by Herbal Bar Industries (HBI INTL) in 1999 as a Manager and CFO.  


William H. Smith,

William H. Smith is a director, investor, and advisor with a focus on effective governance, corporate finance, and strategy in diverse domestic and international business, both traditional and innovative. He has been a board member or senior officer of more than 20 listed companies and numerous closely held companies, most of which he became involved with as a startup. 


Bill also actively supports the not for profit sector as a board director, currently including Bio-Conservation Databank Foundation, Energi Simulation Foundation, C2C2C Unity Corridor Foundation and formerly chair of the Advisory Board of the National Research Council’s IRAP. 

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