Use Cases

BETSY has applicability over the entire life span of an animal. She can provide value from conception to birth, growth, mating, parenting, and finally, processing.

Moreso, BETSY provides utility to the Rancher, Community Pasture, Veterinarian, Auction House and Feedlot. As a rule, if a human can see it, so can BETSY.

Animal Care



BETSY tracks nutrition to ensure animals are energy positive, scans for frostbite, looks for common diseases - such as BRD symptoms.


BETSY observes calving, verifies cow/calf bonding, feeding, and colostrum intake, and ensures calves ears don’t freeze.


BETSY tracks grazing, mating patterns, phenotypes and growth. She also detects early disease signs.


BETSY can follow the weaning process, provide permanent identification for transport, and check for pregnancy signs.

Seasonal Value

By Industry

Producers can use BETSY to determine when calving occurs, ensure cow/calf bonding, prevent dehydration, detect starvation, and track growth over in the first season.

Veterinarians can use BETSY to monitor multiple herds at the same time - remotely. With temperature, respiration and lameness monitoring, telemedicine for cattle is now a reality.

Auction houses can use BETSY for detailed traceability and ID verification. With animal data automatically tracked in the cloud, historical records are readily accessible.

Feedlots can use BETSY to automate the tracking and prevention of disease while optimizing for growth - at scale.  Thereby helping to curb BRD pandemics while optimizing animal growth and welfare.

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