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September, 2022

OneCup AI is proud to be featured in NVIDIA's annual GTC conference. Our partnership with NVIDIA has enabled OneCup to build BETSY in under one year. Learn more on NVIDIA's Youtube Channel: Building BETSY, World's First AI Ranch Hand. 


VC Investment

September, 2022

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our lead VC Investor - Tall Grass Ventures. Their extensive experience in ranching and agriculture will prove invaluable as OneCup scales up operations locally and internationally.


EAAP Presentation

September, 2022

Working with Lakeland College, OneCup presented at the European Federation of Animal Science. In a trial processing 28,800 hours of video, OneCup demonstrated the power of BETSY to identify Dairy Cattle with 96% to 98% accuracy.

Canadian OutDoor Show.png

Canada's Outdoor
Farm Show

September, 2022

OneCup hosted several talks and hosted a booth at the Canada Outdoor Farm Show this year. Our booth was crazy busy, with nearly 40,000 people attending the event in London, Ontario.

CTV News.png

CTV News

August, 2022

CTV News interviewed OneCup and one of our BETSY customers. The news clip aired in late August, generating several sales and potential partnerships. The news story is available on CTV New's website.


CBC News

August, 2022

CBC News interviewed OneCup on the applications of BETSY as a mobile app. The story highlights the power of Face ID applied to animals. The story is available at the CBC: Keeping an eye on livestock?
There's an app for that

Image from iOS.jpg


August, 2022

OneCup AI is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Olds College's AgSmart conference. We hosted a super busy booth and talked about how BETSY can be applied to producers and feed yards. OneCup also tested our new long-range WIFI gear.


NVIDIA Metropolis

June, 2022

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our acceptance into NVIDIA's Metropolis program. As OneCup scales to full production, our new partnership will prove helpful in defining new channels and opportunities for OneCup.


IRAP Grant

May, 2022

In partnership with the NRC IRAP program, OneCup received a grant for $100,000 to advance BETSY's Deepstream pipeline into full production. The ultimate goal is to process a 1-hour long video in 60 seconds.


Board of Directors

January, 2021

OneCup AI is proud to announce Demetra Georganas and William H. Smith's appointment to our Board of Directors. Their extensive business experience will prove invaluable to guide OneCup's development, growth and expansion.


Board of Advisors

January, 2021

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our Industry lead Board of Advisors. Including experts in AI, Finance, Government, Telecom, Systems, Auctioneering, Breeding, Calving, Veterinary Medicine and a world-renowned Steak Chef.


Second Seed Round

December, 2020

Due to investor demand, OneCup AI opened a second seed round in Q4 2020 to accommodate additional investor interest. As before, we only accepted investment from strategic partners that could materially move BETSY forward.


Horse Dataset

December, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with BCIT, completed a four-month project to build a detailed and comprehensive horse annotation dataset - consisting of thousands of images and tens of thousands of annotations. 


Beta Sites

December, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with twelve beta sites in Alberta and Saskatchewan, delivered BETSY hardware to validate ID, thermal cameras to track health and HD/Infrared cameras to capture livestock activity.



November, 2020

In preparation for our international launch of BETSY, OneCup AI filed several trademarks worldwide. Each trademark is for an upcoming service or technology - with the corresponding domain


Top 10 

October, 2020

OneCup AI finished in the top 10 of over 170 companies to enter into the prestigious 3rd annual TESCO AgTech competition. Being our first competition, OneCup was thrilled to rank so highly right out of the gate.


Patent Filing

October, 2020

OneCup AI filed for our first patent for our 360 Live ID platform in Q4, 2020. Our innovative technology potentially can revolutionize how animals are tracked and identified using only computer vision.


Seed Round

September, 2020

OneCup AI completed our first financing seed round in Q3 2020. We only accepted investment from strategic partners that could BETSY forward in development and commercialization.

AWS Activate.png

AWS Activate Program

September, 2020

OneCup AI is pleased to announce we have been selected for Amazon's Activate credit program. AWS's generous contributions in tools, resources, technical support and training will prove invaluable in getting started on AWS quickly.


Cattle Dataset

June, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with Olds College, completed a six-month project to create arguably the world's most comprehensive cattle annotation dataset. Working with domain experts, together, we set the foundation for BETSY's skillset.


Inception Program

March, 2020

OneCup AI is honoured to announce it has joined the NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences by providing access to resources and expertise.

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