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2024 Google Next Conference

April 2024

This week our CTO Geoff Shmigelsky was in Las Vegas at the 2024 Google Next conference!! We are working with Google to scale our ID system to potentially billions of animals.The Google Next Conference is an annual event hosted by Google that focuses on showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technology-related fields.

Synthetic Images
10 Million Synthetic Images

April 2024

OneCup embarked on an ambitious project to develop synthetic training data like never before, resulting in a ten-time growth compared to our past initiatives. We crafted over 10 million training images to bolster the advancement of different model types, covering 200 categories of animals, vehicles, and buildings, featuring almost 3,000 unique animal breeds.

iOS Splash
iOS App Launch

March 2024

We're excited to announce the debut of the OneCup AI User App – a specialized mobile application designed for our ranchers and feedlots. This app provides a comprehensive overview of your ranch activities directly on your device. With its intuitive design and innovative features, managing your livestock and ranch operations has never been easier!

AI Vision
One Billion Animal Images Processed

Feb, 2024

In the months of January and February, OneCup successfully analyzed more than 1 billion images of animals, averaging nearly 200 images per second. The momentum continues into March, showcasing a 21% surge in our processing utilization, translating to 18 million animal images analyzed daily.

Business of the Year!

November, 2023

We are thrilled to share the news from Agribution 2023, where OneCup AI was honored as the “Business of the Year” at the first-ever AgTech Awards. Agribition, Canada's premier agriculture conference, hosted more than 140,000 attendees last week, underscoring the significance of this achievement.

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Seed Round - $1.67 Million

August, 2023

OneCup AI is delighted to announce the successful closure of our seed funding round, attracting investment from two venture capital firms and multiple strategic partners. This round saw the company raising $1.67 million, signifying the completion of our third and final seed stage.


Google Cloud Cohort

August, 2023

We are now full swing into Googles 10-week North American Cloud accelerator program. We are still ecstatic about this opportunity for our company. We look forward to improving our business on multiple levels in the coming weeks. We are proud to be a part of the 2023 Cloud Cohort!! 


SVG Thrive Win!

July, 2023

On July 11th our CEO Mokah made her appearance at the SVG Thrive Cohort during Stampede Demo Day in Calgary. We are thrilled to announce that we were selected for their inaugural investment from their Alberta based Pioneer Fund after winning the THRIVE II Canada Accelerator.


BIF Conference

June, 2023

Mokah will be making her way to Calgary the first week of July to attend the Beef Improvement Federation event!! On July 5th at 9 am we will presenting in the morning session showcasing our artificial intelligence and BETSY technology. We look forward to the connections we will make at this event!!

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Canada's Farm Show

June, 2023

Recently at Canada's Farm Show we drew the attention of many attendees curious of our technology. We also made some great connections with potential customers and international opportunities. Mokah also showcased our company well in the AgTech Accelerator presentation!!

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Calving Notifications

March, 2023

BETSY now has the ability to notify  ranchers when their cows are calving. We look forward to being able to provide this feature to more producers. BETSY proactively provided thousands of calving events this past calving season. 



March, 2023

OneCup AI is proud to be selected to join the prestigious Cultivator AgTech Accelerator. A four-month program that combines agriculture and technology to accelerate the development of agriculture technology startups in Canada.


Google for Startups

February, 2023

Google (GCP) reached out to OneCup and invited us into their Google Startup Program.We are pleased to bring on GCP as our third cloud provider to run BETSY's inference at scale, with a generous stipend of $100K in cloud credits.

Alberta Innovates.png


February, 2023

Alberta Innovates selected OneCup as one of 50 high potential Alberta ventures that will travel to SXSW in Austin, TX with a shared mission to accelerate their growth trajectory by connecting with investors, customers and strategic partners. 


VC Investment

February, 2023

We are proud to announce that Conexus/Emmertech invested in OneCup. They have become our second venture capitalist investor. Emmertech is a $60 million venture capital fund focused on agtech and agribusiness innovation, based in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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AI Accelerator

February, 2023

NVIDIA offered us a spot in NVIDIA’s AI Accelerated Program. This is in addition to our current membership in their Inception and Metropolis programs. Our partnership with NVIDIA is invaluable as they give access to expertise, hardware and powerful AI tools.

Video Player

BETSY Video Player

February, 2023

OneCup's BETSY continues to grow and scale. At the end of February, she is averaging 7 million animal images daily, with some hours peaking at over 500,000 images. OneCup also released a new video player enabling our customers and partners to visualize BETSY's inference results.

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SVG Thrive 

January, 2023

SVG Ventures THRIVE is the leading global Agrifood investment and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley. OneCup competed against 900 companies to earn a spot in the final 15 positions in the second iteration of its THRIVE Canada Accelerator program


SumAg Partnership

November, 2022

OneCup is pleased to announce our partnership with SumAg Ventures to bring BETSY to ranches in Western Canada.  SumAg's expertise will prove incredibly helpful in marketing, sales and onsite support to farms, ranches and feedlots in Canada.



September, 2022

OneCup AI is proud to be featured in NVIDIA's annual GTC conference. Our partnership with NVIDIA has enabled OneCup to build BETSY in under one year. Learn more on NVIDIA's Youtube Channel: Building BETSY, World's First AI Ranch Hand.

Tall Grass Ventures.png

Tall Grass Ventures

September, 2022

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our lead VC Investor - Tall Grass Ventures. Their extensive experience in ranching and agriculture will prove invaluable as OneCup scales up operations locally and internationally.


Visual ID Study 

September, 2022

Working with Lakeland College, OneCup presented at the European Federation of Animal Science. In a trial processing 28,800 hours of video, OneCup demonstrated the power of BETSY to identify Dairy Cattle with 96% to 98% accuracy.

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AgSmart 2022

August, 2022

OneCup AI is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Olds College's AgSmart conference. We hosted a super busy booth and talked about how BETSY can be applied to producers and feed yards. OneCup also tested our new long-range WIFI gear.

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NVIDIA Metropolis

June, 2022

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our acceptance into NVIDIA's Metropolis program. As OneCup scales to full production, our new partnership will prove helpful in defining new channels and opportunities for OneCup.


IRAP Grant

May, 2022

In partnership with the NRC IRAP program, OneCup received a grant for $100,000 to advance BETSY's Deepstream pipeline into full production. The ultimate goal is to process a 1-hour long video in 60 seconds.

Using a calculator

Board of Directors

January, 2021

OneCup AI is proud to announce Demetra Georganas and William H. Smith's appointment to our Board of Directors. Their extensive business experience will prove invaluable to guide OneCup's development, growth and expansion.

Office Building Hall

Board of Advisors

January, 2021

OneCup AI is pleased to announce our Industry lead Board of Advisors. Including experts in AI, Finance, Government, Telecom, Systems, Auctioneering, Breeding, Calving, Veterinary Medicine and a world-renowned Steak Chef.

Modern Office Building

Second Seed Round

December, 2020

Due to investor demand, OneCup AI opened a second seed round in Q4 2020 to accommodate additional investor interest. As before, we only accepted investment from strategic partners that could materially move BETSY forward.

Animal brown horse

Equine Data Set 

December, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with BCIT, completed a four-month project to build a detailed and comprehensive equine annotation dataset - consisting of thousands of images and tens of thousands of annotations. 


Beta Sites 

December, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with twelve beta sites in Alberta and Saskatchewan, delivered BETSY hardware to validate ID, thermal cameras to track health and HD/Infrared cameras to capture livestock activity.

Logo White Bkgd

Trade Marks

November, 2020

In preparation for our international launch of BETSY, OneCup AI filed several trademarks worldwide. Each trademark is for an upcoming service or technology - with the corresponding domain


Top 10

October, 2020

OneCup AI finished in the top 10 of over 170 companies to enter into the prestigious 3rd annual TESCO AgTech competition. Being our first competition, OneCup was thrilled to rank so highly right out of the gate.


Patent Filing

October, 2020

OneCup AI filed for our first patent for our 360 Live ID platform in Q4, 2020. Our innovative technology potentially can revolutionize how animals are tracked and identified using only computer vision.


Seed Round

September, 2020

OneCup AI completed our first financing seed round in Q3 2020. We only accepted investment from strategic partners that could BETSY forward in development and commercialization.

AWS Activate.webp

AWS Activate Program

September, 2020

OneCup AI is pleased to announce we have been selected for Amazon's Activate credit program. AWS's generous contributions in tools, resources, technical support and training will prove invaluable in getting started on AWS quickly.


Cattle Dataset

June, 2020

OneCup AI, in partnership with Olds College, completed a six-month project to create arguably the world's most comprehensive cattle annotation dataset. Working with domain experts, together, we set the foundation for BETSY's skillset.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 143718.png

Inception Program

March, 2020

OneCup AI is honoured to announce it has joined the NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences by providing access to resources and expertise.

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