AI-Powered Face ID for Livestock

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Precision Ranching with BETSY, 
Your AI Ranch Hand.™


360 Live ID™

BETSY's cornerstone technology is our patent-pending, vision-based 360 Live ID platform. Effectively face recognition for animals.

She can identify beef and dairy cattle from almost any angle and at a considerable distance.

BETSY leverages an animal's unique appearance to generate ID's, forming the basis for a permanent visual identification system.


Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance,
uses Computer Vision to monitor livestock.



BETSY tracks several disease indicators - including fever, respiration, coughing, limping, arched back, and depression. Early disease detection is vital in lowering the cost of treatment and preventing disease outbreaks.


BETSY tracks time spent running, walking, lying down, sleeping and socializing. She tracks calf activity to ensure proper nursing, bonding, and, more importantly, the first feed, so they benefit from the mother’s colostrum.


BETSY tracks intake and output; it plays an essential role in animal growth and positive energy balance. Tracking feed allows producers to determine optimal feed rations, cutting costs and optimizing feed schedules.


BETSY tracks animal growth to help ranchers increase their Return on Investment and maintain optimal animal health. Raising higher-quality cattle using specific phenotypes and targeted mating strategies that produce ideal animal weights.

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