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Tracking and Monitoring Livestock with Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence is making it easier for farmers and ranchers to keep an eye on their livestock. At the recent Canada's Outdoor Farm Show at Woodstock, Ont., OneCup AI showcased how its AI technology uses computer vision technology to identify and monitor livestock. 

October, 2022


BETSY gives Ranchers an Extra Eye on their Herds

Alberta rancher Ashley Perepelkin is getting peace of mind that her cattle are safe and healthy, thanks to an app that uses artificial intelligence to keep an eye on her herd. BETSY, short for Bovine Expert Tracking And Surveillance, uses facial recognition cameras that watch her animals. 

September, 2022

Canadian Cattleman

Artificial intelligence at the Heart of Cattle ID System

Many folks in the ag business have likely heard of precision agriculture, but how about precision ranching? Well, technology has reached the point where that term may be about to get more familiar.

September, 2022


Livestock Monitoring Start-up targets Ontario Market

OneCup AI moves from facial recognition to full-body ID. CEO Mokah Shmigelsky used news of the poultry innovation to draw attention to the OneCup.  The collection of farm data is becoming more common, but it must be translated into something meaningful for farm operators.

September, 2022

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Keeping an Eye on Livestock? There's an App for that!

It seems like there are apps for everything these days. Well, a new app aims to make it easier for livestock owners to keep an eye on their animals. It's called BETSY. Mokah Shmigelsky is the CEO of OneCup AI, the company behind the program.

August, 2022

CTV News

Artificial Intelligence in Farming

An Alberta farmer is one of the first to adopt a new AI system that tracks her cattle.


Nav Sanghi has the story in this CTV News Video.

August, 2022


A computer called BETSY could be your next Ranch Hand

It’s arrived: facial recognition and 24/7 video monitoring of every movement. That may sound like a science fiction movie, but don’t worry. It’s not for you. It’s for your cattle.

August, 2022

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