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Empowering Ethical AI:
For Sustainable Livestock, Companions, and Wildlife Welfare
Shaping Our Shared Future:
Building Tomorrow Responsibly
Harness AI for the ethical management of livestock, companions, and wildlife, fostering sustainability and well-being for all stakeholders in our shared future.

OneCup leverages cutting-edge AI and computer vision technologies to address critical challenges in animal welfare. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Disease Identification

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Behaviour Analytics

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Animal Identification

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Farming Support

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Fraud Prevention

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Government Statistics

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Revolutionizing animal healthcare through the creation of an advanced platform that meets the high standard of care provided to humans, tailored for livestock, companion animals, and conservation efforts.

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We have the ability to identify each animal even in condensed areas and is being developed to assist in early disease detection.

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Dairy cows


The system takes the initiative to notify the rancher by text and email if an urgent matter arises, such as a calving event.

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A cow and a calf


Receive notifications when your cows are coming into heat, making the breeding process significantly less stressful for producers.

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Discover Pharma Behavior Insights from Pruritic Clinical Trials

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360 Live ID™

At the heart of BETSY lies our innovative
patent-pending technology, the
vision-based 360 Live ID platform, which revolutionizes animal identification. By employing advanced face recognition capabilities, BETSY can accurately identify beef and dairy cattle from various angles and distances. Leveraging each animal's distinctive features, this system generates permanent visual IDs, establishing a reliable identification framework.

Curious about how OneCup can enhance livestock or companion animals well-being?

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